Q - Can i just turn up and train?

A - Yes, just turn up to the appropriate class for your age group.

Q - What do i need to wear?

A - You just need aT-shirt and a pair of tracksuit bottoms or shorts.

Q - Do i need to become a member at my first class?

A - No, give yourself a few classes to see if you like it first.

Q - Is the training very hard?

A - The training is only as hard as you want it to be, although the instructors will encourage you to push yourself.

Q - Is there other options than training in the main classes?

A - Yes, there are private lessons (one to one) with an instructor.

Q - Do i need any special equipment?

A - The gym will provide all the equipment to get you started, However we do encourage you to buy a gum shield and groin guard for your own safety.

Q - Can i spar against other members of the gym?

A - If you want to spar then you must be a full member of the gym and have your own groin guard and gumshield. There must also be a fully qualified instructor present.

Q - How long before i can Enter competitions?

A - That depends on how much you train and if the instructors think you are ready.

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